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Shared Hosting

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VPS Hosting

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WordPress Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Purchase Cloud Servers For Absolute Computing And Storage. Coming Soon to ConfirmHost for you.

Reseller Hosting

Manage Multiple Domains In One Single Purchase. Starting From $6.94/M

Dedicated Hosting

Host With All Required tools completely private. Starting From $83/M

What is web hosting?

Website hosting or web hosting is putting your halfway or fully designed website to an online server where the website that you designed or are designing can be accessed from any client any where in the world.

How does web hosting work?

Web Hosting for a website can be likened to installing an application in a pc. A website needs a platform for it to stay. Without hosting your website, your website can not appear on the internet when searched for. Only the admin can view it through his dashboard in the website builder.

Steps in hosting a website?
  • Buy a domain name

The first step to creating a website is registering a domain name. A domain acts as an internet address. This is the permanent location where internet users can find a website. Unique domains can be registered through accredited domain registrars such as Confirmhost.

  • Select a hosting provider

Every site needs a web host — the company that provides servers that store your website and make it available online for others to view. Domain registrars typically offer web hosting. It's also possible to buy a domain name and web hosting separately. With Confirmhost, you can even transfer your domain bought from another domain registrar to our servers.

  • Choose a hosting plan

After purchasing a domain name, the next step is to place your site,  blog, etc, online by purchasing a hosting plan. The hosting plan you choose depends on the type of website you have/ intend to have, the traffic you expect on your site, the speed you need, and most importantly, your personal budget. Confirmhost covers all kinds of web hosting you can think of; from testing plans for beginners, wordpress plans for wordpress site owners, reseller plans which enables you to earn from host other peoples’ website, to even servers.