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ConfirmHost Nameservers

What Are Nameservers And Why Do You Need Them? Firstly, Let us talk about nameservers, what are name servers? A nameserver translates domain names into IP addresses. This makes it possible for a user to access a website by typing in the domain name instead of the website’s actual IP address. Each domain name must have at […]

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Domain Renewal

    What happens after my domain names expire             After domain name expiration, you have an opportunity to reclaim that domain name. Here at ConfirmHost, we give you both a Renewal Grace and Redemption Grace Periods (exceptions apply). The Renewal Grace Period begins just after the domain name’s expiration. […]

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Dedicated Servers Purchase

Do you sell dedicated servers? Yes, we sell dedicated servers to our customers. Visit this page to buy dedicated servers. Our servers are currently only hosted in the United States Of America, New Jersey.    

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How to log in to your Control Panel

Logging in to Control Panel  To login to Controlpanel, there are two methods as follows: The Control Panel can be accessed  through the ConfirmHost Hosting Client Area. It’s more advisable because you can access Control Panel without having to remember a special URL or domain name. Accessing of  ControlPanel directly.            […]

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Difference between and

Descriptions WordPress has two versions of its product: and Here is what you need to know about the two. The major difference provides free open-source software that you can download to build your site. However, it’s completely up to you how you wish to manage your website and find hosting for it. […]

Domain Management

Domain Pricing Full List

ConfirmHost Domain Prices Full List Register A Domain View More .com $10   .net $15   .xyz $13   .org $16   .info $21   .me $31   .co $33.   Free DNS Management, Anti Domain Theft, Privacy Protection Included.

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Which plan is the best on Shared Hosting?

In choosing a plan, you are to know the intent for any kind of website you want to create. Then the features and packages that will fit-in perfectly for the website. Here are the plans:   Categories of Confirmhost’s Shared Hosting . Tester shared hosting; a tester shared hosting is small hosting package, designed specially […]

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Which Plan am I to choose on Shared Hosting?

For you to be able to choose a plan, you need to consider the categories  of plan to choose. Categories of Confirmhost’s Shared Hosting . Tester shared hosting; a tester shared hosting is small hosting package, designed specially for new web users. Tester shared hosting is mainly used by new web users who doesn’t know […]

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What You Need to know about Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting is a class of web hosting where a single server hosts data type and websites. Shared hosting is of low cost and high-valued in some hosting companies. Many users utilize the resources on a Shared server, because of the low intent of the website or capital. The users of Shared hosting get a section of […]

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