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Things to know before create a Blog

What is a blog?

A blog or a blog site is a website published online that can be accessed from the world wide web (www). A blog is often an informal diary-style text entries of information or discussion which are frequently updated. A blog site helps in making  your concept or business a know phenomenal. 

Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top. A blog popularly as a website where visitors or users get up to date with information, news or gossip. It is also a portion of a website where information relating to a product, company or individual are found in other words a blog simply put is type of website for sharing information of any kind.

Types Of Blogs:
There are many many types of blog classified according to their category some of them are:

News Blog: This is a blog where one can get information on news about what’s happening in the world, a given geographical area or about a situation. Examples of news blog are Ajezera news, Vanguard news, CNN, et cetera.

Gossip Blog: This kind of blogs are ones bored and mostly fashion and creative people go for relaxation to know about their favorite celebrity, commodity or business. Examples of these blogs are Deadline, Vanity Fair, Linda Ikeji Blog, et cetera

Sports Blog: This kind of blogs talk mostly on sports about when there is a match, no match or canceled match and more. Examples of these blogs are ESPN, USA TODAY, Complete Sports, et cetera.

Difference between blog and website:

A website is a collection of related web-pages under a single domain(A domain is a name given to an entity or ip-address with an extension e.g “”). And a blog is a website for discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

Therefore the difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is a type of website while a website can be used for other things like banking, voting, download websites.

How to start a blog!

Starting a blog is actually simple but complicated, a major issue you may have with a blog is knowing how to engage your audience or readers with? And building your traffic (visitors). Before I go further I will define some terms;

Niche: In blogging, a niche means what your blog centralizes its topics, posts or articles on for instance we have education niche(writing about education), news niche(writing about news), technology(writing about tech news like products, pros and cons, et cetera. While its good to do all at once I advise you to start with one that you are good with.

Domain: This is a name together with an extension given to an IP address to identify and entity or website, to know more click here
Hosting Service: A hosting service is where everything about your website including your domain can be access. to know more about this click here

What’s Next?

Now you know the above let me give you a list below to take you through step by step guide in starting a blog site or just any website.

  • Choose Your Niche.
  • Find a hosting company, Click here to get started
  • Choose a domain and if its already taken choose another one.
  • select your hosting choice. Click Here
  • Uploading Your Website:
    website To Upload!
    When starting a blog you may wonder, where can I get a website? Well you have a couple of options. Having a domain, a niche and hosting service are only part of it, you need a website layout or design or theme.

Options of website choices to upload:
You have a couple of options for your website design. You could

Have A Website Developed: This is actually more complicated than you think but if your purpose to create a website is to run a business then this is your choice. It involves you coding your website the way you want it to be or pay someone to design it the way you want it to be.

Content Management System (CMS): This is a software that can be installed offline and  mostly installed online which  helps you to  create, edit, manage, upload and modify the content of a website. CMS examples are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, et cetera.
Drag And Drop: This is a website creation tool for anyone who does not want CMS but just want to creat a website for free or paid depending on how much features you need. Examples of these sites are Wix, Simplesite, Google site
Free CMS: Some but most CMS software companies offers free website creation, upload and management with have limitations like no custom domain name, you will have to use your website as a subdomain(this are domains that have prefix like www, love or anything attached to an existing domain) of the company. Some like WordPress give limitations to this like no access to your files you just know you can edit your website. But it is the best place to start if you completely have no clue what a website is or how to design it. Examples of Free CMS are WordPress, Blogger, Simple Site, et cetera.
If you followed the guide above you have a website, share it in the comment box below. If you did not get it click here to tell me where you don’t understand.

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