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ConfirmHost Nameservers

What Are ConfirmHost Nameserver And Why Do You Need Them?


First Of All Let us talk about name server, what are name servers?

A name server translates domain names into IP addresses. This makes it possible for a user to access a website by typing in the domain name instead of the website’s actual IP address. For example, when you type in “,” the request gets sent to ConfirmHost’s name server which returns the IP address of the ConfirmHost website.

Each domain name must have at least two name servers listed when the domain is registered. These name servers are commonly named and, where “servername” is the name of the server. The first server listed is the primary server, while the second is used as a backup server if the first server is not responding.

Definition Credit: TechTerms.

This means your domain name is without functioning name servers its just a domain name because it does not have a server or ip to resolve to.


What are ConfirmHost’s Name Servers?

Our Global name servers are;  and