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Which plan is the best on Shared Hosting?

In choosing a plan, you are to know the intent for any kind of website you want to create. Then the features and packages that will fit-in perfectly for the website.

Here are the plans:


Categories of Confirmhost’s Shared Hosting

. Tester shared hosting; a tester shared hosting is small hosting package, designed specially for new web users. Tester shared hosting is mainly used by new web users who doesn’t know what to do with their website.It has features and limitations. click Here for More.

. Starter Shared Hosting; this plan hosts more data types and files, but slows down when the website acquires thousands of traffic. Starter shared hosting is for web users with little file. For more Click Here.

.Basic shared Hosting; it’s an entry level of web hosting with optimal speed. Basic shared hosting is fast but it’s mainly for bloggers with little data type.Learn more.

Pro Shared Hosting; this plan has nice features that enables smooth running of multiple websites without any breakage. It’s two times faster than basic shared hosting. Click Here for more.

.Premium Shared Hosting; this is an excellent option for an optimum shared hosting package. This plan can host multiple data types, without breakage and super fast.

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