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Difference between and


WordPress has two versions of its product: and Here is what you need to know about the two.

The major difference provides free open-source software that you can download to build your site. However, it’s completely up to you how you wish to manage your website and find hosting for it., on the other hand, handles just about everything for you, but its features are much more limited than the free code you can download at

ConfirmHost makes WordPress sites easy to use within the codes. You need not an additional software so far you are using CONFIRM. We use a customized version of to enable easy accessibility by our clients.

Hosting and other services

Another big difference between and is where your website is hosted: — is the official hosting site of WordPress but their features are limited. For optimization is to be used. — you can make your site any how you want it, customize and re-customize on You can learn a lot from this version. Also free tutorials and customized free themes. has lots of plans, when When you purchase a plan, you’re paying to host your website. Within this plans, your features are also limited. There is no direct click modification for your website here.

However, maintenance is very easy on It gats Your updates, security and backups.

If you want full control over your site, you can download the WordPress files from You can then choose any company you like to host your website.

Although code is fully customizable, it’s completely up to you to keep your site up to date and secure. You’re also fully responsible for backing up your site and finding a company to host it.

Comparison chart

A detailed description between and
ThemesLimited. You only have access to themes offers. Only on the highest level plan would you have the ability to upload custom themes.Unlimited. Full access to upload and customize any theme on your site.
PluginsLimited. You only have access to plugins offers. Only on the highest level plan would you have the ability to upload custom plugins.Unlimited. Full access to upload and customize any plugin on your site.
CustomizationLimited to the features offers. No direct access to the PHP, CSS or JavaScript code that your site is built on.Full access to all code.
Email hostingnoneUsually included with the hosting company your site is hosted with.
CostFree up to 3GB of storage space. Higher level plans offer more features at different pricing.It’s up to you to find and pay for a hosting company of your choice.
MonetizationLimited. Unlimited. You can monetize your site however you like and keep all profits.
AdvertisementsWordPress branding and ads display on your site. Only the highest level plans can remove them.No ads or branding.
eCommerce storelimited features.Unlimited control over your store and its configuration.
SEOLimited based on available plugins.Unlimited control over your SEO.
Control and maintenance  
MaintenanceManaged by You do not have to worry about site maintenance.Your responsibility to keep your site secure and up to date.
Can site be shut down?Yes. At any time can shut down your site and deny you access.You are in full control of your site. Only the hosting company you choose to host the site with could potentially shut down the site based on their individual terms of service.

Which should  I choose?

If you plan not to monetize your site or blog, use . It is more of use if you are running a very simple site and need little or no stress.

If you plan to grow your site over time, customize it, or make money from it, then is a better choice. But keep in mind that you are responsible for keeping your site up to date and secure.